Refund and Transfer Policy


First Aid Training Nerang Transfer and Refund Policies

First Aid Training Nerang offers students the opportunity to transfer their course enrolment date, cancel and request a refund.

All requests for transfers or refunds must be received in writing or via email to .

Refund requests will be reviewed and processed within 14 days of receiving the written notice and must meet the following requirements:

First Aid Courses Nerang:


  • More than 7 days written notice = full refund
  • Notice given within 7 days of your course = no refund
  • No refund will be issued after transferring your enrolment to another practical session
  • Participants that do not attend, or are late for their scheduled course, will forfeit all payments

*All refunds will be charged 2% of the course cost (to cover bank transaction fees).

Transfer to another date

  • More than 7 days written notice = first transfer is free of charge.
  • Notice given within 7 days of your course= 50% charge of the course fee.

First Aid Training Nerang Course fees cannot be refunded once you transfer your enrolment to another date

If you are sick on the day of your First Aid Training Nerang course, and can support this with a medical certificate, you will be rescheduled to an alternate date free of charge .

Certificates will be withheld until all transfer fees have been paid.



First Aid Courses Nerang is committed to treating all client complaints and appeals seriously and with top priority, ensuring that all complaint and appeal processes are accessible, clear, transparent, confidential, constructive and fair to all parties. First Aid Courses Nerang will apply an efficient and effective resolution of all complaints and appeals to support restoration of positive and cooperative relationships at the earliest opportunity.


Complaints & Grievances

First Aid Training Nerang by Southern CrossAny student, potential student, or third party may lodge a complaint or grievance with First Aid Training Nerang with the reasonable expectation that all matters and issues will be treated with integrity and privacy and handled systematically, objectively and appropriately.  All complaint and grievance claims and actions are free of charge.

In the first instance, a complainant or aggrieved person should make best effort to immediately discuss or deal with the matter directly with the person(s) involved.

Formal Complaint Process                                                                                                                                                          

If unsatisfied with the local level response to a complaint or grievance or the time taken to resolve the matter, the complainant or aggrieved party may submit a formal complaint or grievance in writing to the manager using the First Aid Courses Nerang Training Form.  The manager will deal with the complaint or grievance within a reasonable time, normally within ten (10) working days of receipt of the written complaint or grievance.

The Manager is responsible for:                                                                                                                    

  • Fully understanding the nature of the complaint;
  •  Exploring all options and possible implications for resolving the issue with the complaint or aggrieved person;
  • Avoiding any behaviour which might reasonably be interpreted as judgemental;
  •  Finding a solution and resolving the matter with the least amount of disruption for all parties.

First Aid Training NerangWhen making a complaint or grievance claim, the claimant or aggrieved person has the right to:

  • Be present and make a written presentation to any committee or delegation convened to hear the complaint or grievance;
  • Be accompanied or assisted by a third party at any or each stage of the process, if so desired;
  • Receive and respond to any documentation, as appropriate, that is submitted in connection with a complaint or grievance;
  • Have a complaint or grievance dealt with and treated confidentially with details only disclosed with express permission;
  • Be provided with reasons and a full explanation in writing for decisions and actions taken as part of the complaint or grievance process;
  • Have records of all complaints and grievances kept and accessible to all parties for such timeframes as are stipulated by statute or regulation;
  • Have records of all complaints and grievances kept strictly confidential and filed on a separate file (not being the learner or client file) in a secure location for such time frames as are stipulated by statute or regulation;
  • Supervised access to records of a complaint or grievance and outcome.

Persons who are the subject of concern must know all allegations in relation to the complaint or grievance; they must be afforded all opportunity to put their case in response to the allegations on the basis that all parties to a complaint or grievance have the right to be heard

All relevant submissions and evidence must be considered; matters that are not relevant must not be taken into account. Any and all decisions will be based purely on evidence.

The manager must ensure that resolutions and/or outcomes to complaints or grievances are:

  • Communicated in writing to the complainant or aggrieved person and all other affected parties;
  •  Recorded, distributed and filed in the prescribed manner;
  •  Updated on the Complaints & Grievances Register;
  • Actioned and closed-out in the time frames specified or identified

Possible Complaint Outcomes

Complaints and grievances may be heard on all aspects of First Aid Courses Nerang Training operations so there will many different potential resolutions, each offered on the merits of the case.

First Aid Training Nerang - Asthma ManagementPossible resolutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Written undertaking or apology;
  • Written agreements in regard to future behaviours or actions;
  • Remedial action (eg: improved practices; corrected records);
  • Issue of new or amended policies, procedures or guidelines;
  • Conciliation / mediation between the parties under the guidance of a mutually-accepted impartial third party (internal or external).

Appeals Process For First Aid Training Nerang

Appeals may arise from a number of sources including appeals against:

  • Assessment decisions (including decisions regarding a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), National Recognition or Reassessment applications);
  • Disciplinary actions;
  • Decisions arising from complaints or grievances.                                                                                         An appeal is a request by a student to reconsider a decision made by First Aid Training Nerang. All appeals are free of charge.

Formal Appeal Process

If unsatisfied with the outcome of a complaint or grievance process, the complainant or aggrieved party may submit a formal appeal in writing to the RTO Chief Executive Officer (CEO) using the First Aid Courses Nerang Skills Training Complaint / Grievance Appeal Form. The RTO CEO will appoint an independent person or an independent panel to consider the appeal in light of the supporting evidence provided by both the appellant and respondent(s). Subject to the availability of and processes employed by the independent person or panel, the appellant must receive an appeal decision in writing within a reasonable time, ideally within twenty (20) working days from date of receipt of the Appeal Form by the RTO CEO.

The RTO CEO must ensure that appeal decisions and outcomes are:

  • Communicated in writing to the appellant, respondent and all other affected parties;
  • Recorded, distributed and filed;
  •  Updated on the Complaints & Grievances Register;
  • Actioned and closed-out in the timeframes specified or identified

This Nerang First Aid Training Skills Refunds Policy  was last updated on 22 July 2016.

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